Jun 23, 2008

Restore MySQL Database

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There are 2 ways to restore your MySQL database from sql dump file.

1st way to restore mysql database from sql dump file is using mysql web control panel – phpMyAdmin
– Log into phpMyAdmin.
– Select your preference database on the left database navigation drop down list.
– Click on Import tab on the top.
– Select your sql dumb file at File to import
– Then select your mysql database charset (ex: Latin1, utf-8)
– and click GO and it’s done!

Do not use phpMyAdmin to import or restore your MySQL database if your MySQL database file is large. This is because, phpMyAdmin has limit on total upload size which depend on php setting. Besides, there is also maximum execution time which may cause browser to time out.

2nd way
The solution to restore large mysql database from sql dump file is using unix/linux shell command.
To restore mysql database from a dump file, just type the command below:-

mysql -u #username# -p #database# < #dump_file#

Of course you need to replace #username# to your database username and #database# to your target database. and rename #dump_file# to your dump file file name (Ex: dump.sql) Once you enter the command, the linux/unix shell will prompt you for your database user password, just key in your database password and you are done.

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